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How I plan an expedition

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I’m never home for long before I start to feel the urge to go on another adventure. Planning an expedition is a lot of work. These are some of the things that I consider when choosing my next big adventure and prepare for it.

The SPOT GEN 3 device GPS tracking

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REVIEW: How the SPOT Gen 3 GPS connected me to loved ones on my latest adventure better than ever
My adventures take me beyond the realms of mobile data service. And certainly outside the bounds of a Wi-Fi hotspot. So when I’m travelling, a satellite GPS tracker is an essential part of my kit for maintaining vital communication, wherever I am in the world.

How to Prepare For 1000 Mile Bike Trip to Spain

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During these stay-at-home times, our 'normal' stress-busting routines are no longer obtainable. As new COVID-19 cases continued to spread rapidly in the UK and globally, we were requested to stay at home to stop the spread.

The darien gap via its pacific coast

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Travelling from Jurado in Colombia to Jaque in Panama is a logistical nightmare and there is only one known way which is a trusted means by the authorities and now myself having experienced it first hand with a number of locals.

Jurado, Colombia

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I landed in Bahia Solano with the intention of staying no more than a week and a point at where I could head further north into Jurado to begin my crossing into Panama. By any means, I could.

El Choco

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Colombias choco department is one of its least visited departments for a number of reasons historical and current. Although I have travelled to Colombia five times I have visited this region the most.

A walk from Miami shores to Little Havana

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So I went to Miami before I travelled down into Colombia for an actual vacation before I travelled to the Darién gap I chose Miami as the flights to continue the onward journey were cheaper than I had expected so that was the main reason. But it was a blessing having a friend I worked with, had family in Miami much closer to Fort Lauderdale, the question was asked to see if I could stay with them, for a few days within a day it was agreed.

Darien Gap Expedition: The Countdown Is On

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It is now 40 days until I set off on my 50 mile expedition of the Darien Gap and I wanted to share my feelings as the trip draws closer.
Dangers I will face my preparation I have taken part in.