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My first published book

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So. I am officially an author. I never thought I would say that, but after 9 months of writing, persistence and hard work, I have finally published my first book. It wasn’t easy, but I’m proud to say ‘The Essequibo River’ is now available to purchase on Amazon. 

In 2017, I set off on a journey like no other.  I travelled along the Essequibo River in Guyana through dramatic rainforests, remote indigenous communities and countless miles down South Americas third largest river the Essequibo of Guyana. The journey was so special that I knew I had to write a book about my experiences. So that is what I did. There was only one small problem. I knew how to travel, but I didn’t know how to write and publish a book. 

Much like the trip itself, writing and publishing my first book has been challenging but also incredibly rewarding. Of course, there were some difficulties along the way. Firstly, I’d never written a book before. Anyone who has tried their hand in writing will know how time-consuming and difficult it is to get your story down on paper. Nevertheless, I have managed to compile something I am very proud of. Another unexpected problem arose when I was quoted extortionate prices by large publishing companies. Those of you who have lived a nomadic lifestyle will know the importance of saving every penny- £2000 on publishing was not something I was willing to splash out on. So I found another way. After 9 months of writing, I decided to self-publish with the assistance of an editor and a print-on-demand set up. It was a pretty D.I.Y process, but as an adventurer, it is not the first time I have done things independently or have chosen to walk the less traditional path! 

In all seriousness, the release of my first book has been very fulfilling. Whether I am regarded as a good writer or not, I am now officially an author, which is quite the achievement for a person like me! Following in the footsteps of inspirational travel writers such as Benedict Allen and the lesser-known explorers of the past such as Mungo parks, who have influenced my travels in the past, I am pleased to be able to spread the magic of travel and adventure to my followers.

My book will take you on an epic adventure through the pristine jungles of Guyana and I invite you to have a read and learn a little more about life along the waters of the country. It had always been a dream of mine to compile my travel notes into a longer piece of writing that would reveal the details of my time on the road, and though 2020 was a year of disappointment, I am happy I spent the time investing in the creation of my book. Now I am excited to share the journey with you. ‘The Essequibo River’ reveals both the highs and lows of my trip whilst transporting you to the path less travelled. 

So, join me on my adventure and purchase the book here for as little as £6.99 

As the year comes to a close, I would like to remind you that you are capable of anything you put your mind to.

I look forward to bringing you along on more of my adventures in the future.

Daniel Eggington