Cycle For Venezuela

Venezuela is going through the worst humanitarian crisis in more than 5 million of its population at the latest estimate have fled the country and more continue daily. With the latest global pandemic of covid-19 and the issues facing the country now, it is on the way to being at the forefront of human displacement.

About Expedition

I decided to try and raise some funds for healing Venezuela as it is one of the few active charities working in the country. I learnt about the situation in Venezuela maybe 3 years ago sending a Satelite phone to someone in need of a means to contact the outside world, meaning outside of Venezuela. From that point, I began doing my research and having travelled to Latin America a few times before that I educated myself but never experienced anything in which I could relate until last year. When I was travelling in Colombia, in Medellin and close to the border of the countries where daily you would see people from Venezuela in lines, following one another. It was at this point I said I need to do something; anything. I began thinking of what I could do as an individual. But when I began walking around Colombia and speaking to the migrants who had been walking for days and nights back to back; with little more than the clothes they had on and at times carrying children as young as newborns. So this is what I feel is my motivation in attempting in my eyes a huge task but in comparison to a 10-year-old Venezuelan migrant having been exposed to hunger, crime and exploitation is nothing but a bike ride.

Who I'm Helping

Who I'm Helping

Why I'm Helping

Inflation in Venezuela in 2019 hit 10 million per cent. That means a product that at one point cost the equivalent of one dollar will now cost the equivalent of $10 million. Under present circumstances, many Venezuelans' monthly salaries cannot cover the cost of a single gallon of milk.

In the years of 1950 to the 1980s, Venezuela was the richest nation in South America.

The president of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro in his time in power has issued 25+ minimum wage increases. In comparison in my lifetime, I have witnessed only 3 since I have been in employment.

Experts estimated that a roll of toilet paper cost Venezuelans 2.6 million bolivars in 2018. For reference, in terms of US dollars, that 2.6 million bolivar roll of toilet paper would have cost 40 cents. And at the time of the assessment, in mid-2018, inflation in Venezuela was around 1 million per cent now the rate is at 10 million

The average salary of a person in fulltime work in the country currently stands at $2.00 (a month)

The Plan

Map Plan
In September of 2020, I will be cycling from my home town of Birmingham in the UK to the most southerly point of mainland Europe known as the Punta de Tarifa. I have chosen this activity as I feel there is a historical link between the countries of Venezuela and Spain. Currently, the Venezuelan people or families in a position financially be able to do the immigration to Spain do so where they work and send money to the members of family sill struggling in the country. the I have committed to several events in the past but this one is a new one I have cycled back and forward from work and the longest cycle I have done is 25 miles......

And I will be upping this as well as my training regime to be able to do around 100 miles a day from the start point of early September. This is a big feat for myself and to manage my time, to begin with much more effectively to enable the volume of training will be my first challenge.

Any Help!

We are a volunteer-run charity so most of your donation will go directly to one of our programs. Any donation matters. With £10 you could offer a child two meals a day for a whole month, with £15 you could help a medical student finish her residency program, £40 could cover the cost of sending 5 kilos of medical supplies to Venezuela.

75% of all funds raised go directly to the Venezuela Charity, with a small amount supporting the cost of the cycling expedition.

- Daniel Eggington