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My story so far

My story so far


After leaving the UK in 2010 and embarking on a backpacking trip to Indonesia alone spending 12 days in the forest with three local guides.  Wanda, Bendy and Ping yes that was their names travelling through the forest and camping at a new spot each night.  Which added some life-changing experiences for me a 17-18-year-old alone in a foreign country with people that barely knew any English.   When I got back to the UK I decided on this as a hopeful career path which I am still working toward now.

I decided I wanted to work in the travel industry, where my passion in life truly lies. So I came back to the UK after that trip and immediately planned for other journeys.  Still living with family I decided to explore a bit of Latin America which I really enjoyed the culture the idea of working out here was overwhelming.  So in 2011, I went to Costa Rica. But where the trips truly took an expedition type feel was when planning from start to finish around 8 months prior to going away.  I planned and prepared for a journey to the Darien gap Panama-Colombia border region.  Which went as best as could in this region. I then began planning my return to head to Guyana where we canoed a river we, meaning myself 2 local guides travelled for 11.5 days and travelled 288km to be exact.

I knew that my dream job would now be to work as an expedition leader where I could live out my passion for leading in remote and exciting places. I now had an abundance of remote travel experience and the required knowledge and soon the qualifications that it takes to do this. But I was still without the valuable experience required to teach and lead people in remote places. I have now done my ML training so that I would soon have the qualification to make this a career choice of mine.







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