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30 Mile training trek

Endurance events have a way of pushing us to our limits, testing our physical and mental strength in the most challenging conditions. Last month, I embarked on a grueling 30-mile endurance event in the picturesque but unforgiving landscapes of the South of England. With a full kit weighing 25kg and the unpredictable weather at play, this journey was not only a gauge of my current fitness level but also a testament to my determination and preparation for an upcoming expedition.

The decision to take on this daunting task wasn't made lightly. With a goal of evaluating my physical capabilities for an impending expedition, I understood the importance of accurately assessing my endurance and strength. Having previously completed a similar event, I thought I was well-prepared for what lay ahead. However, this experience proved to be a far greater challenge than I had anticipated.

As I embarked on this journey, the weather seemed intent on making its presence felt. Rain and winds of up to 50 mph battered the landscape, creating an additional layer of difficulty. Despite the adverse conditions, the allure of testing my limits and the promise of breathtaking views when the weather cleared motivated me to push forward.

The event was a true test of both physical and mental resilience. Carrying 25kg of kit, complete with boots (dead weights), added a layer of difficulty that couldn't be ignored. The route encompassed climbs totaling 1500m, including challenging 500m ascents that put my endurance to the ultimate test. The landscape was a mix of terrains, from pebble-strewn beaches to country roads and unforgiving concrete paths. The concrete sections, especially after 20 miles of traversing beaches and pebbles, took a toll on my legs, amplifying the pain and making each step a battle against the terrain.

Yet, amidst the struggles and discomfort, there were moments of sheer beauty that served as reminders of the natural splendor of the region. When the weather finally cleared, the vistas were breathtaking, providing a temporary respite from the challenges at hand. These brief moments of clarity fueled my determination to conquer the elements and complete the journey I had set out on.

The true highlight of the journey, however, came as I crossed the finish line in just under 9 hours. The accomplishment of completing the event with a 25kg load was a significant milestone, showcasing not only my physical preparedness but also my unwavering dedication to the task at hand. Celebrating this achievement, I indulged in a refreshing glass of fresh apple juice (not rum) from a local farmhouse, savoring the taste of victory and the sense of accomplishment that comes from pushing my limits.

This grueling endurance event taught me valuable lessons that extend beyond the physical challenges I faced. It reinforced my belief in the importance of thorough preparation, mental fortitude, and adaptability in the face of adverse conditions. While I hope to never have to trek 30 miles in a single day through the jungles of South America, knowing that I have the capacity to do so if required is a source of immense confidence.

As I reflect on this experience, I'm reminded that preparation is key. In the coming months, my focus will remain on intensive training and preparation for my upcoming expedition along the Rio Negro in South America, strength and endurance training will be my companions as I continue to push my limits and refine my capabilities. With November on the horizon, I'll gradually shift my training to ensure I enter Colombia with reduced chances of injury, ready to embrace the challenges of the jungle.

In the end, this 30-mile endurance event in the heart of the South of England wasn't just a physical feat; it was a journey of self-discovery and a testament to the importance preperation. As I look ahead to my upcoming expedition, I do so with newfound confidence, armed with the knowledge that I have the strength to face the next expedition under my belt.