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What I take on a solo expedition.

The equipment I choose to bring along with me I believe is paramount for me on a solo expedition lasting over a week, in the tropical forest environment.

Solo meaning solo with nothing more than you and the stuff you

Daily trekking gear
  • Long sleeve t-shirts preference with a hood or large collar helps reduce the sunburn X3. Like these
  • Hard wearing outdoor trousers any outdoor shop will have them fast drying.
  • Socks a good pair of socks with antifungal or antibacterial properties are ideal.  Like these
  • A wide brim hat helps keep the sun off your head and reducing the risk of potentially dangerous heat stroke.
  • Boots are again a serious consideration, with me it was trial and error I am now a happy owner of a pair of lowa elite jungle boots.  These boots will last me a lot of expedition steps and arduous climbs through swamps and rivers and they need to be up to the challenge please seek out advice and when a decision has been made take them out up the hills and put them to the test.
  • Head torch any Petzl one will do just fine and then, of course, a back up one with extra batteries.
Night time gear/sleeping equipment
  • A hammock which is essential to all jungle expedition in my opinion.  Hennessy hammocks in particular pretty much bomb proof plus the jungle specific ones will have a mosquito net in.  The hammock keeps you off the floor and keeps all the creepy crawlies at bay for the most part.  (Some are potentially life-threatening from a number of venomous snakes and insects which will either cause you a lot of pain or worst case scenario.)
  • Sleeping bag light as possible but adequate for the job of camping in the tropics my chosen system is a snugpak option.
  • Dry warm clothing every night I would need to change into my dry kit and get the best nights sleep I could the dry kit is essential for this and maintaining your health, for example, sleeping in wet socks for even a night can cause soars to become infected.  Rendering whoever pretty useless for trekking in the tropics.
Electronics I carry to document my expedition
  • Canon 7d mk2 x 2 batteries 
  • 3 DSLR Lenses
  • GoPro action cameras x2 
  • Drone, drone remote, 3x batteries wires and more wires.
  • 3x Anker power banks Absolute lifesavers. 
  • Tripod for the more creative shots.
  • Macbook pro 13 inch plus the wires to charge. 
  • Adapters from British plug to local plug.
  • 2x solar panels to recharge the power banks.

Extra tools 
  • Leatherman multi-tool 
  • Bench made knife
  • Boar back up knife
  • 2x windproof lighters
  • Back up magnesium tool.
  • 100m of paracord 
  • 50m of static climbing rope
  • Emergency GPS locator beacon and tracking device.
  • Water filtration system water to go bottle perfect for any type of water on the move.  Also, a backup of filtration lifestraw is also ideal.
  • Any medication prescribed such as malaria prevention.  
  • Individual medical kit and know how to use it.
  • A machete bought in the country of travel.
  • A means to dry your feet talcum powder perfect addition to any multi-day trek.
  • A number of dry bags to keep the equipment dry.

Bonus items a way to raise the morale of any adventurer.
  • British tea bags PG tips preferably
  • A means to listen to music, an example I was stuck in the Corcovado national park in Costa Rica Pacific coast.  Where I had struggled for maybe 3 days soaked through bitten to death by anything breathing oxygen or scratched by any tree or even razor grass. I sat down and played it that night.

With all this equipment a means to carry it is also essential, military-grade backpacks or bergens with a way to modify them such as PLCE webbing.  I opted for the leader in the design of backpacks, for a huge expedition and that was a karrimoor sf backpack.