My obsession with Australia and its animals began like many people born in the 90s, Steve Irwin how he expressed his passion and mission to the world’s wildlife, but I began emailing the zoo from a young age work experience a 14-15-year-old boy middle of inner city Birmingham UK. Emails passed from me to the HR team of the zoo constantly from that age up until around 21-22 as a grown man in full-time work with young people. And I said to myself one day I will go there even as a member of public the build up to it was when I had fully accomplished CV writing, I applied in a more professional manner around the age of seventeen,  with no luck every year I would apply I also, have the emails to prove it 🙁

Me with a west african dwarf croc employed at a local zoo

Me with a west African dwarf croc employed at a local zoo

So onto the next chapter I left that job for an educational speaker to young kids, well say, young kids, kids of a similar age. And who showed an interest in like minded subject and I still do so today.  So applying and applying thinking of how I can approach it better and up until 2013 I applied shock horror !! A different response in my inbox stating volunteer coordinator a lady called carol I was in awe and they sent a few extra forms so I completed them, then a few weeks later September 2013 I remember the exact date also 🙂 , so I waited for a long few days then shortly after I was invited for a skype interview. In short space of time, I told the family I told my work and shared, it all over whenever I could albeit a bit tiring 3am in the morning the interview. Through time difference but excitement filled me, as it was one of the proudest moments ever, and a dream come true. We discussed dates and red tape, visa stuff and all was in place.  Just the money to save up and I was off at 21 I had a good job and a flat I dropped it all for that one dream. And arrived in may of last year another chat and free entry the expanse of the zoo was immense it was the size of my local town center. Huge grass plains and huge amounts of work being done to expand even more also a giraffe was pregnant so the buzz was surrounding that scenario. Also, mini filming projects were being taken place the Irwin family continuing to spread the message, so yes I was a happy person for that period of time.

were i stayed

were I stayed

The tasks I did within the zoo,  I was working voluntary for 2 weeks and mainly was in an educational setting engaging young minds to ask questions and me, do my best in answering them, but the most interesting time there was helping out in the crocoseum. Watching first hand what these men and women at the top of their game do, engage with an arena full of people, whilst keeping themselves and public, which they involved by bringing an individual out of the audience to assist and keep them all safe whilst educating us on conservation and natural history of native saltwater crocs. what a lucky bloke,

australia zoos crocoseum

Australia zoos crocoseum

‘So it is a story of digging deep and believing in yourself thanks for reading’

My ozzie zoo hat

My Ozzie zoo hat